Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Petoskey Antique Show

 This past weekend we did a two day show in Petoskey at the fairgrounds. We love doing this show every summer in July and August. We enjoyed seeing and talking to many familiar customers and friends.
When we left Grand Rapids the temperatures here were above 100 degrees. By the time we arrived in north country the temperature was about twenty degrees cooler with a nice breeze coming off Lake Michigan. The change in temperature was a welcome relief. We set up on Friday and added finishing touches early on Saturday.
Saturday we had a steady movement of people through the show and our booth all day long. There was a threat of rain first thing in the morning but after about ten o'clock we had sunshine all day. We always love watching the crowd line up first thing in the morning on the road across from our booth. At the striking of the nine o'clock hour they all race across the road and into the booth to begin the search for treasured junk.
Sunday was another beautiful day with fewer people and a bit slower pace. There was a time when this show was all about selling furniture but, for a couple of years we have noticed less and less furniture leaving the show. So we worked hard at bringing a good cross section of large and small vintage. We also brought a good cross section of handmades from vintage parts and pieces. So we ended up selling a bit of everthing.
Both of us used the show as a chance to try out some of our new handmades. This included doily lampshades and new jewelry made by CJ and I did a presentation of some "birdcage" creations.
We had great fun doing this show. It is always a treat to stay with CJ's Mom and Dad when we do this show. We so enjoy their hospitality.
So now we are getting ready for the next show and another run up the Petoskey to restock our space at Then and Now with much needed product. I will be working all week to get the trailer full again. It is a busy summer but life is so good. We are grateful!

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Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi guys! Thanks for your nice comments on our post about Emma -- and for being such wonderful hosts. Enjoyed reading about Petoskey! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. xo