Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have always had a love affair with embroidery, needlework & fiber arts in general. So welcome to the 1970's when I was a teenager and embroidered these patches for my worn out jeans! Some of you who were also teenagers then you get this for the rest of you come along for the story. In the early 1970's you could not yet buy jeans for girls. We wore the boys jeans - so you see "boy friend" jeans is NOT a new term or style! So we girls altered them to fit us and as mine became worn in places I also added my own personality as I explored stitches and techniques.
This was and is a favorite book of mine, originally published in the 1950's and republished in 1971. It is stuffed full of awesomeness!
I may just have "radar" for it, but I think that I have been seeing the popularity of  embroidery again on Pinterest. Those of you who follow us on Pinterest know that I have a board for embroidery. My repins inspire me with patterns, colors, fibers, shapes and applications. Here are a few of my favs!

I have always been drawn to mixed media, the layering of images, objects etc. I use this technique in my interior spaces as well. I love viewing accessories and furniture through other pieces. I feel that it gives the space a better composition and more interest. So it is no wonder that I like the added us of buttons and beads to the embroidery designs.
So here is a little peak at what I am working on now (in 2012!).


Susan said...

CJ, You are oosing with creative ability...and have been for quite some time. These embroidered patches are timeless. Love the designs. Also love your new work and keep going, they are beautiful! Love, Sue

Susan said...

CJ, You are and always have been full of creative ability. Love the patches you did long ago for your jeans...they are timeless. Also love your new work...keep going, it's wonderful!! Love, Sue