Monday, February 20, 2012


One of the most fascinating aspects for me of what I do as and Interior Design professional is watching trends. It makes everything exciting. I love it that all of my clients have different taste and like all kinds of different styles and colors. Color is one of the most personal elements of design. We all react to color on an emotional level. One of the colors that has been trending is the beautiful blue green, sea glass color, weather it is pale and more blue than green or brighter, more turquoise. I love the variations on this color, bold to pastel.

Home fashion color trends also correlate to fashion.
I love this bracelet from Maryellen of Twist Style.
I saw this, this morning on Pinterest. Perfect for spring. By the way click on the pinterest is the previous sentence and follow us. We would love to follow you back!
Another color trend that has been speaking to me is the combo of mustard and gray! I have always loved gray - kitties, dogs, rabbits, wool.........! But now with mustard - wow!

Also love this combo in home fashions - not too crazy about the bold stripe walls but still way cool colors together.
We would love to hear from you about what colors are speaking to you.
Stay tuned I may have a new color combo next week or month that is my new favorite!


laura nickerson said...

Ah, my love affair with watery blue-greens began many years ago, probably about the same time as my love of the sea. Rooms, apparel, jewelry you name it, those aqua, turquoise and teal tones just cool me down, soothe me, make me feel "in my element." Almost de rigeur for waterfront homes, its amazing how great these crystalline colors look with white, black, tans, browns, other blues, metallic gold and silver, and particularly olive greens. Definite "gotta have it" status in my life. Thanks for the pictorial tutorial. Laura at Gardentiques

Georgia Gibbons said...

Loved the pictures. The bluey-greens in all shades and I love gray and yellow together, too. Thanks for the affirmations and inspiration.

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

Thank you Laura & Georgia, all colors evoke emotions, but the blues really seem to even more!