Friday, December 18, 2009

Girlfriends Annual Christmas Lunch

We had our annual girlfriends Christmas lunch today at our new "mansion" as the girls refer to it as ( only because the house size comparison from the pink house is staggering). We have been doing this for several years and it is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for us. Sometimes a girl needs a kick in the pants to get her house together and entertaining was my 'kick"! Dan and I got rid of the last boxes, hung curtains and artwork, moved furniture out of storage and decorated for Christmas. It feels so good to have the house mostly together. Here are some pics.
Our luncheon was yummy too. We all contribute. This years menu was:
Egg, spinach, feta fritata
Traditional Stolen coffee cake
Warm winter fruit compote
Good Coffee and Gingerbread with lemon sauce.

So I am relaxing tonight with my love, Dan and planning our next party!
Spending the holidays with those you love and dear friends - perfect!


Anita said...

It looks wonderful! I remmeber you telling us about it at Kane last month. I always go into "high gear" getting rooms ready for occasions. Better come up with an occasion this Febraury so I don't sit on my duff in January :)

Susan said...

CJ, Your home looks so beautiful! I'm happy that you've been enjoying yourself and hope that this weekend was a good one for you and Dan at the Antique Show. I miss you, let's get together this week, k? Love, Sue